How Does AnthemScore Compare With Other Software?

While automatic music transcription is a challenging problem, several programs exist that attempt to transcribe music, especially for simple songs like single instrument recordings. So, how do these programs compare in terms of accuracy? Below I show side-by-side results for 5 different transcription programs, including AnthemScore. I selected 11 short song segments that range from very simple to very challenging. None of these song clips were used in the training or development process for AnthemScore or, as far as I know, for any of the other programs.

Program Price Trial/Demo Windows OS X Linux Notes
AnthemScore $29-$99 30 day trial Used version 3.4.0
Melodyne $99-$849 30 day trial Used MuseScore to convert from MIDI to MusicXML
intelliScore Ensemble $129 Demo Requires you to tap spacebar to the beat. Used MuseScore to convert from MIDI to MusicXML
AudioScore $250 Demo Used version 7 (didn't have a license for version 8, which is required to save files)
AmazingMIDI Free Free Used MuseScore to convert from MIDI to MusicXML

Original AnthemScore Melodyne intelliScore Ensemble AudioScore AmazingMIDI
Monophonic Synthesizer (Mary Had a Little Lamb)

Piano (Für Elise)

Alto Sax (Careless Whisper)

Piano (Demons)

Piano (Ballad from Waking Life)

Piano (Heart of Courage)

Reverberation (Almost a Whisper)

Vocal Instrumental (If We Hold On Together)

Vocal Instrumental (You've Got a Friend in Me)

Vocal Instrumental (Part of Your World)

Pop (Blank Space)


Ranking the accuracy of these transcriptions is somewhat subjective, but I'd rate the AnthemScore transcriptions as easily the most accurate in 9 of the 11 songs with Melodyne having the most accurate for Alto Sax "Careless Whisper" and "Part of Your World".

Three of the programs (Melodyne, intelliScore, and AmazingMIDI) generated MIDI files rather than MusicXML directly. I used MuseScore, a free music notation program, to convert the MIDI files to MusicXML sheet music. That means things like assigning note types (quarter, eighth, sixteenth, etc.) and division into measures was done by MuseScore. Also, to be fair, Melodyne doesn't necessarily market itself as transcription software. It can do transcription, but other features are more heavily emphasized, like the ability to edit note pitches and durations in recorded music. All of the sheet music in the above table should be easily reproducible, although the IntelliScore software requires you to play the song and tap the space bar to the beat, so results may vary with each attempt.

It's worth noting that there are many other programs, such as Transcribe!, which help you transcribe music by slowing down the tempo and/or displaying the audio spectrum. The above was only a comparison of programs that produce MIDI or MusicXML output.

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