Older Versions

Below are older versions of AnthemScore for 64-bit machines. Unzip and then run. On Windows you'll need to run vcredist_x64.exe if you've never installed AnthemScore before.

If you have previously installed a newer version and are reverting to an older one you should delete the application data folder, which is not removed by default when you uninstall (usual location for Windows: "C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\AnthemScore", Linux: "~/.local/share/AnthemScore", OS X: "~/Library/Application Support/AnthemScore").

Version Notes Windows 10 Mac Linux Windows 7
latest Windows installer OS X .dmg Linux installer Windows 7 Installer
4.7.1 AnthemScore-4.7.1-Windows.zip AnthemScore-4.7.1-Mac.zip AnthemScore-4.7.1-Linux.zip AnthemScore-4.7.1-Windows7.zip
4.6.0 AnthemScore-4.6.0-Windows.zip AnthemScore-4.6.0-Mac.zip AnthemScore-4.6.0-Linux.zip
4.5.0 AnthemScore-4.5.0-Windows.zip AnthemScore-4.5.0-Mac.zip AnthemScore-4.5.0-Linux.zip AnthemScore-4.5.0-Windows7.zip
4.1.4 AnthemScore-4.1.4-Windows.zip AnthemScore-4.1.4-Mac.zip AnthemScore-4.1.4-Linux.zip