Download a 30 day free trial of the latest version of AnthemScore.

Update history: see what's new in 4.13.0
Download an older version.

No account creation needed, just download and run! The trial has the full set of features, allowing you to test everything fully. By default the trial runs as the AnthemScore Professional edition, but you can freely switch between Lite and Professional during the trial to see the differences between them. Simply select Tools > Editions to see the options.

After the trial period ends, purchase and paste in your activation key to use the software forever. If you want to try AnthemScore on multiple computers, make sure you do so before your trial expires. Otherwise, it won't work as there is a limit of one 30 day trial per household.


System Requirements

A 64-bit operating system is required and a minimum of about 4GB of RAM are needed to process most songs, more for songs longer than 3 minutes. AnthemScore can take advantage of a CUDA-capable NVIDIA GPU for faster processing, but one is not required. Virtual machines and 32-bit systems are not supported.


The Windows installer will guide you through the installation process. If you encounter problems with the installer, you can also install from a .zip file. Some 3rd party Windows programs can cause AnthemScore to crash when you try to open a song. If this happens, try dragging and dropping the file you want to open onto the side panel instead of clicking the 'Open' icon.

Windows 8 users may get a message about missing dll files. If so, install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 runtime.


To install on OS X, download and click on the .dmg file and drag the app to the Applications folder. Then right click and choose "Open". Double clicking will not work. You may also need to go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy, under the General tab and click Open Anyway to confirm your intent to open or install the app since it comes from outside the Apple app store.


The installer has the benefit of auto-updating with one click from within AnthemScore itself. Both the installer and zip files support GPU acceleration with a CUDA-capable GPU of compute compatibility 3.5 or greater, but they also require a link to the proper version of Qt called link_to_qt in the AnthemScore directory. The AppImage does not auto-update or provide GPU acceleration, but has no Qt link requirement. See the README for details.