Sheet Music

  • How do I transcribe a song on YouTube?

    You need an audio file stored on your computer to process in AnthemScore, but many sites such as this one will convert a YouTube url to mp3 for you.

  • Can I get just the bass clef or treble clef notes?

    In AnthemScore, if you click File > Save As there are options for changing the octave or removing notes that lie outside a custom range. See details in the documentation.

  • Can the program separate out vocals/instruments?

    Currently, no instrument detection occurs. All notes get written to the same part.

  • Can I do anything to improve the accuracy?

    Modifying the audio of the song (changing the sampling rate, slowing the tempo, etc.) is not going to improve the accuracy of the automatic note detection. You can help improve the future accuracy of the software by correcting the mistakes in the automatic transcription and clicking "Contribute File". Thank you to everyone who has done this!

Purchase & Activation Key

  • What do I get when I purchase?

    When you download the program, you get the full set of features as a 30 day trial. After 30 days it will stop working. By purchasing, you can use the program forever. You also get 1 year of software updates at no extra charge, starting from the time you purchase (not from when you use the activation key). After that, you can purchase another year of updates. The price will be less than the cost of a new activation key. There are no automatic charges--if you don't want further updates you can simply do nothing and your current version will continue to work.

  • I lost my activation key. Can you resend it?

    Search for an email with "AnthemScore Activation Key" in the subject. If you can't find it, visit key recovery.

  • Can I transfer a license to another computer?

    No. However, each activation key can be used on 3 devices plus one extra device each full year from your purchase date.

  • How many activations do I have left?

    Enter the email used for purchase and your activation key to check the number of activations remaining.

  • I re-installed the operating system. Will that use up an activation?

    If it's the same physical computer, it should not change your total remaining activations. You can verify this using the form above and send us an email if that is not the case.

  • Can I extend the trial?

    After the trial expires if you try to transcribe a song you'll be shown a dialog with links to purchase or extend the trial. If you're not quite ready to buy you can extend the trial for 30 days for USD $11.00. However, it's generally more cost-effective to simply purchase the software if you think you'll use it more than a few months.

  • How do I upgrade my edition?

    After you purchase, if you want to upgrade to a higher edition (such as Professional or Studio) you can click "Tools > Editions > Upgrade" which will provide you a link that shows your options and pricing. The cost to upgrade is higher than the price difference in editions by about USD $10.00.

    Upgrading is different from updating to the latest software release. If you want to keep your same edition and just get the latest software release, see how to update.

Installation & Running

  • How do I update to the latest software release?

    Click "Tools > Check for updates" to see if a new update is available. On Windows and Linux: a prompt will appear to apply updates if you originally used the normal installer. If you instead downloaded the zip file then there is no updater and you can simply delete the installation directory, download the latest version, and reinstall it. The license file will not be removed, since it is stored in a separate application data folder. For Mac: download the latest version from the website, open the .dmg, drag to copy to the Applications folder, and choose to replace the older version.

    When you purchase, you get free software updates for 1 year. After that, when you update to a new version you will see a link to purchase another year of updates for about 50% of the normal purchase price. Purchasing new updates is completely optional. You can always continue to use any older version that you have already purchased and installed forever. Some older versions are maintained on the site for download if you need to re-install an older version. Note that not all older versions are available for download.

  • Why might the program be crashing?

    The most common reason for this is running out of memory. You need a minimum of about 4 GB free RAM for most songs. The software should display a message if it detects low memory. Some 3rd party Windows programs can cause AnthemScore to crash when you try to open a file. If this happens, try dragging and dropping the file you want to open onto the side panel instead of clicking the 'Open' icon. If you encounter any other issues, send some feedback from within the app (help -> Send feedback) and we will check for any crash reports from your computer.

  • Can I install on 32 bit Windows?

    The 32 bit build has been discontinued. AnthemScore doesn't run well on 32 bit versions of Windows. It is a memory and processor intensive application and will frequently hit memory limits and crash in 32 bit Windows.

  • How do I uninstall?

    For Windows and Linux, run "maintenancetool" in the installation folder and select the remove option. For OS X, delete the application. To complete the uninstallation, delete the AnthemScore application data folder (usual location for Windows: "C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\AnthemScore", Linux: "~/.local/share/AnthemScore", OS X: "~/Library/Application Support/AnthemScore").