Activation Key Recovery

To recover your activation key through email, you need access to the same email address you used for purchase. You should have received an email with "AnthemScore Activation Key" in the subject. To resend this email, enter your email address below.

Can't access your email? You may still be able to recover your activation key if you have a computer where you previously activated AnthemScore. When you click "Activate", the key is saved to a text file called "license_activation_code" in the application data folder. On Windows, for example, this might be "C:\Users\YourUsername\AppData\Roaming\AnthemScore" On OS X: "~/Library/Application Support/AnthemScore" On Linux: "~/.local/share/AnthemScore". If you use AnthemScore on a shared computer, you should delete this file to keep your key private, as it is not necessary to run the application.

You usually don't need to re-enter an activation key after re-installing or upgrading. To check the activation status, click the "Tools" menu. It will show "Activation key entered" if the key has already been entered or "Enter activation key" if it still needs to be entered.